At Early Cancer Stage, Should Direct Chemotherapy?

At Early Cancer Stage, Should Direct Chemotherapy?

Cancer is identical to chemotherapy treatment. But if the cancer is still in the early stages, should be given direct chemotherapy? According to DR dr. Nugroho Prayogo, SpPD-KHOM from Dharmais Cancer Hospital, the provision of chemotherapy as a treatment for cancer patients is not always the same. Different stages of cancer, different doses and chemotherapy rules

Chemotherapy is one of the standard systemic treatments administered to patients with cancer. The mechanism of chemotherapy work itself is to destroy the cell and damage its DNA, "" said Dr. Nugroho in a media meeting Kalbe in South Jakarta, Tuesday (13/06/2017).

Also read: Different Stages of Cancer, Different Doses of Chemotherapy In early-stage cancer, ie stage 1 and 2, systemic therapy in this case chemotherapy can prevent the occurrence of recurrence and spread to other organs. In that phase, chemotherapy is still not mandatory. However, chemotherapy can still be given according to doctor’s consideration. For example, in breast cancer, the main goal of chemotherapy in early-stage breast cancer patients is to reduce the risk of recurrence. Not without risk, chemotherapy in early-stage cancer patients generally have side effects such as nausea, vomiting, baldness, fatigue and so on

All differences, still must be based on consideration and examination of the doctor, "" said Dr. Nugroho. Read also: Must Do Routine, Here’s How Chemotherapy Facing Cancer Cells

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