Congenital Diet, One Family Success Lose Weight 190 Kg

harga trulum synergy It’s amazing how this family is going. Family divided into father, mother, and two successful children lose body weight of 30st (190, 5 kg).

And this diet is done in unison with other words congregated by all. This narrative begins with Marie Pickstock (43) who is recommended by his personal physician to lose weight, because when checked, he weighs 22st (139, 7 kg). It’s all because of Marie’s fan of fast food. Because of this problem, her husband and 2 children also support Marie to avoid being a fast food. After 18 months. do diet and exercise, this time Marie body weight of 13st (82kg).

See Marie who successfully lose weight, her husband Paul (47) are also encouraged to diet and exercise. Currently, Paul has successfully lowered his body weight to 14st (88 kg) where first weight gain 22st (139kg). Paul admits, if first he is someone a liquor addict. Know his 2 parents successfully lose weight, make Donna (21) and Danielle (18) willing to lose weight as well. The reason, Donna and Danielle in the know have more body weight. First, Donna’s body weight is 13st (82 kg), he currently successfully lose weight body of 7st (44 kg).

Being Danielle, first had a body weight of 17st (107 kg) and he successfully lose a body weight of 6st (38 kg). One family is shocked by the results of his efforts, and now all are planning to continue his healthy lifestyle. We have not weighed for years. When we understand how big we are, we can only cry, Marie said as taken by The Sun, Tuesday (26/2/2013) Marie gives, if nutrition experts pleaded with her not to again eat fast food, like McD and KFC. From then on, Marie admitted that she felt so guilty. Another matter with Paul, he delivered, At the beginning I always drink and eat whatever I want. However, when I see all the weight loss, I start to feel left behind.

In the past I often once order clothes by way of on-line and wear size xxxxx. Right now I feel so fantastic. Anyone who has excess body weight conveys when he is happy with his weight, more Paul. Donna, Marie’s first child and Paul, acknowledged that at this moment she was never bothered because of her weight problem. In the past, he was often a bully’s material some colleagues. Due to the weight of the body that has been naturally decreased by striking, at this time some of his colleagues also felt guilty as well as give praise behind it. (Adt / Igw)