Eating Pizza Every Day, Weight Loss This Chef Even Down 45 Kg

proargi 9 plus.ingredients New York- Having the ideal weight is what some people dream of. Many of them are trying to diet to stay healthy and maintain their ideal body weight in that way.

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Certainly to convince it they should avoid foods that make fat. One of the foods that need to be shunned the pizza. Unless rich in carbohydrates, if not in the process as well as possible through intensive exercise, the food will soon turn into fat and make us look fat. However, the story of an Italian cook named Pasquale Cozzolino whose weight is actually experiencing a decline in an important way because eating a pizza everyday will make you wonder. As published by the New York Post a long time ago, Cozzolino is so expert in making this Neapolitan pizza type makes it a daily lunch food and use everyone’s self. Cozzolino sliding to New York, United States about four years. then to work in one of the most important pizza stalls. At that time, his weight was reported to reach approximately 167 kg. This kind of thing makes him less confident.
A nutritionist suggests dieting because if he lets his weight stay at a few hundred, so it’s so vulnerable to a heart attack. Cozzolino also ultimately took the decision to stop eating sweet foods and sodas. He moved to fruits and vegetables to lower his weight. It does indeed sound normal if a craving weight drops conspicuously. But the most amazing thing he did was to include pizza as one of his diet tips. Pizza Margherita is her favorite menu for her day-to-day cuisine where she works in New York, Ribalta Pizza. Sounds strange. How can a person get down about 45 kg by way of eating pizza everyday? But Cozzolino explained that pizza where he works can be classified as healthy. The dough is so simple, which is made from a combination of water, flour, yeast, salt, non cholesterol butter and vegetable oil. For his toppings, Cozzolino says he likes tomato slices, cheeses, and basil in the top pizzas.
By consuming the pizza as one of his diet tips, Cozzolino also ultimately succeeded in losing weight to be around 125 kg just in the period of seven months .. This is so help you in an effort to avoid consumption of fast food, said Cozzolino. Next he explained that eating pizza helps you forget there will be other unhealthy foods. However, he reminded that there are several types of pizza as well as a healthy one that is combined with vegetables and cooked with cooking and without some ingredients that have the potential to make fat.