Narasi Menkes Tilapia Problems of Mashed Beans, Coffee and Hypertension

Smart Detox Sidikalang, Health Minister Prof. Nila Moeloek’s working visit to North Sumatra was colored with interesting narration. One of them is a link to the mashed potato, coffee sidikalang and its relationship to hypertension disease. In a dinner event at the title in the Hall of Sidikalang Regent, Nila Menkes mentions that mashed sweet potatoes are one of his favorite foods, while the reputation of Sidikalang coffee is one of the best coffee even the world has also realized. But behind all the fun, there is the danger of not spreading diseases that lurk. One of them is hypertension or high blood pressure. This one disease is often said to be a silent killer because it can lead to stroke and the consequence of death. Also read: This is the Disease Most Faced by Indonesian Community “”

Except for mashed potatoes and coffee, there is still one more durian Medan that is delicious. But be careful yes bebrapa father and mother-mother. The good that can cause disease does not spread, such as hypertension. Hypertension can lead to stroke and death. We certainly do not want Indonesia to be the country with the highest death rate due to stroke in the world, because the food is good, “” said Nila Menkes while joking, in Sidikalang, Dairi regency, North Sumatra, Friday (12/06/2015) night. The danger of disease does not spread not only to itself, but also has an influence on the state. In the period of National Health Insurance (JKN), the disease does not spread to the type of disease that cost the highest expenditure. Hypertension, stroke, heart disease, cancer and diabetes are the most common non-spread diseases. Within a year of JKN’s journey, the following diseases are absorbing the highest cost. “”

We shout if people do not protect health, we lose ourselves. Our prayer is to protect the health of people, one of them by improving the quality of primary services, “” he said. Therefore the Ministry of Health’s roadmap to improve the quality of primary services such as health centers and public clinics according to him should be supported. Primary Faskes have a responsibility to protect people’s health and do early detection. The earlier the disease is found, so the chances of recovery are also greater. “” Our goal is only 10-15% of people who are sick, while 85 percent of the percentage remains healthy and productive. If healthy people are getting more and more, surely some problems like full hospital and others will not last, “” he said. Also read: Limit Consuming Sugar, Salt, and Fat with the formula ‘G4G1L5’ (mrs / lll)