Narration Successfully Some Doers Diet OCD ala Deddy Corbuzier

harga.trulum.skincare When a person makes a decision on a diet, and is recommended to do a diet program Obsessive Corbuzier’s Diet (OCD) has a mentalist Deddy Corbuzier, many who deny the argument with this rada nonsense. But many OCD dieters who have successfully lose weight so easily, just in a few weeks.

Ivan Alfian for example, he can lose weight by 12 kg just over a period of 3 weeks. Earlier it started OCD weight 100 kg, currently weighs in at 88 kg. Likewise with Eirene. This Balinese girl currently weighs her body has 46, 5 kg, the first weight gain 50 kg. Because of OCD, as well as obeying all the provisions of the diet, Eirene easily lowered his weight, which was thought great by him.

In the eyes of Brigadier Judah, OCD is not only healthy for his body, but also healthy life of his bed. Wahhhh … After 40 days of OCD, he successfully cut his weight by 10 kg. His prefix, 100 kg, currently weighs 90 kg. 3 people is not enough to make you have the intention to participate in OCD? Okay, there Kauhuna who will share his experience when doing OCD. Throughout a month, the man who is active Twitter on social media Twitter is admitted, he successfully lose weight by 9 kg. The window to eat is 24 hours. Throughout the month, Kauhuna was never separated

once, as he performs OCD. What I race the body so much lighter, metabolism so smoothly. Get up early, it’s easier now. Pants? Damn, loose it all, Kauhuna said when he was involved in a conversation with the Liputan6 Health team. com, Tuesday (1/10/2013) For his own sport, this Javanese Arabic blend man prefers to nge-gym and swim. Beyond that, the consumption of mineral water he never forget, and the dosage is also more and more. Maybe it’s also yes, which makes my metabolism smooth.

I am confused, why not from the first Deddy Corbuzier find this diet? said Kauhuna. The same thing also expressed Wira, 35 years old, a private employee in Jakarta. 97 kg is the initial body weight of the previous decision to follow the OCD diet. The prefix is ​​in the sense of heavy by Wira, because he must change the rhythm of the diet that until now dijalaninya.

Wira must change the breakfast which in prefix always handled at 07.00 am, since the OCD breakfast must be at 12.00 noon. The difficult ones just that time, yes. If for his own fasting, there is no problem. The main thing for me still can drink. When not drinking, just critical, said Wira. After 1, 5 bln. do OCD, Wira in fact successfully cut the weight of 15 kg. Currently, his weight has been in the figure of 85 kg. No breakfast in fact is good too. I am not young sleepy. Beyond that, my blood pressure and fat are normal. No exaggeration, more him. So, still sanction for OCD diet? (Adt / Abd