Duduk berjam-jam lamanya tak hanya memicu berbagai penyakit metabolik. Aktivitas yang banyak dilakukan pekerja kantoran ini juga dapat meningkatkan risiko ambien. Hal ini disampaikan dr. Asrul Muhadi, SpB, dari Rumah Wasir, Jatiasih Bekasi. Ia mengatakan saat duduk terlalu lama maka bokong akan mendapatkan tekanan yang besar sehingga memicu bantalan anus keluar menjadi benjolan ambeien. “Ambeien

http://lsyindonesia.com/ling-shen-yao/ Japanese Researchers Develop Cheap Cancer Drugs From Chicken Eggs Besides delicious and nutritious, chicken eggs can also be used to make cancer drugs. A group of researchers from the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, the National Agriculture and Food Research Organization, and Cosmo Bio developed the cancer drug from chicken eggs

http://lsyindonesia.com/4-cara-mengatasi-dan-mengetahui-perubahan-payudara-karena-kanker-sejak-dini/ Increase Cancer Precautions with Photo Breasts ‘Bereshung’ Lancashire – This woman uploads her breast photos to Facebook. Not to show off the beauty of the breast, but he wants to increase alertness for breast cancer. Because the photo shows a breast like a mortar, the first sign of breast cancer. Claire Warner is who

http://lsyindonesia.com/cara-kerja-ling-shen-yao/ Why Indonesian Women Easier Gotten Breast Cancer? Cancer is still one of the biggest causes of death in the world. In Indonesia, the most common type of cancer that attacks women is breast and cervical cancer (cervix). That is, Indonesian women are more at risk of this second cancer. Based on 2007 Basic Health

http://lsyindonesia.com/tag/5-penanganan-medis-yang-dilakukan-bagi-penderita-kanker-payudara/ Breast Cancer Patients Died 18 Hours After Married at the Hospital Heather Mosher (31) from Hartford, United States, is a patient who has been fighting breast cancer since 2016 ago. He had repeatedly undergone chemotherapy and surgery but the cancer continued to spread more severe. Until at the end of December 2017 Heather who

http://lsyindonesia.com/tag/komposisi-ling-shen-yao/ At Early Cancer Stage, Should Direct Chemotherapy? Cancer is identical to chemotherapy treatment. But if the cancer is still in the early stages, should be given direct chemotherapy? According to DR dr. Nugroho Prayogo, SpPD-KHOM from Dharmais Cancer Hospital, the provision of chemotherapy as a treatment for cancer patients is not always the same.

http://lsyindonesia.com/tag/obat-kanker-ling-shen-yao/ Is Lemon More Superb than Chemotherapy in Killing Cancer Cells? Reportedly water containing lemon slices has an extraordinary manfat in killing cancer cells. It is said that the benefits of water water contains lemon slices that even more powerful than chemotherapy. According to a specialist in internal medicine, Dr. Andhika Rahman SpPD, lemons that

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